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Self Care and Self Worth

Self Care is such a popular phrase in the mental health world at the moment. We are being encouraged to look after ourselves more than ever before, however many of us are still struggling to do this and suffering from the consequences. Lack of self care is often found in those of us who burn out, burn out being when we have nothing left in reserve and have become mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted. Burn out is often the catalyst of feelings of anxiety and depression and more often than not this is the point when clients, access counselling. Working in this field I am accustomed to seeing clients' who are experiencing this level of exhaustion I often describe it to clients as being 'deeply undernourished on every level'. So why does this happen? Why do we neglect ourselves? Well it seems to me that there is often a link between self neglect and self worth. If we do not feel worthy enough as a person we will deny ourselves what we need to stay healthy. Often our inner world directs our outer behavior, this for me is one of the real benefits to counselling, counselling helps to unpick and unpack those negative beliefs, encouraging a stronger sense of self esteem and once self esteem is established self care becomes a given.

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